Why video resume is the next big thing in the recruitment industry?

Manu Jha
2 Feb
• 2 min

Video resumes are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment industry, and there are several reasons why they are being hailed as the next big thing :

1. Personalization 😱

A video resume allows candidates to personalize their application and introduce themselves in a way that's not possible with a traditional resume. Candidates can showcase their personality, communication skills, and enthusiasm for the role, making a more personal connection with the hiring manager.

Tip: Prioritize your achievements or distinction in the field to be included in your short video resume.

2. Demonstrating Skills  🧜‍♂️

A video resume provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their skills in action. For example, a graphic designer can include examples of their work and explain their creative process. This can be a more effective way to showcase skills than simply listing them on a traditional resume.

3. Efficiency  🏃‍♀️

Video resumes can be an efficient way for recruiters to screen candidates. They can quickly get a sense of the candidate's personality, communication skills, and presentation style, which can help them make a decision on whether to move forward with the candidate or not.

4. Improved Candidate Experience  🎓

Video resumes can provide a more positive candidate experience, making the recruitment process less daunting and more engaging. It can also help to reduce the feeling of bias during the selection process as recruiters are not limited by the traditional format of the resume.

Tip: Try to engage and get connected to potential job seekers.

5. Branding  💙

Video resumes can help companies to showcase their brand and culture. Companies can create a video introducing the company culture and values, which can help to attract candidates that are a good fit for the company.

 📹 Video Resume

Overall, video resumes are a more engaging and personal way for candidates to apply for jobs and for recruiters to screen candidates. They offer several advantages over traditional resumes and can provide a better candidate experience. As video technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more companies adopting video resumes as a standard part of their recruitment process.

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