How to make a video resume on GoClip?

Vichitra Attri
4 Jan
• 4 min

Creating a video resume is a great way to stand out in today's job market. Not only does it allow you to showcase your skills and experience in a creative and engaging way, but also gives potential employers a glimpse into your personality and how would you fit into their company culture.

But before you move on to do it, here are things you need to create an astonishing profile that lures the employers to hire you.

1. Write a Script ✍🏻

Start by deciding things you want to include in your video profile such as your work experience, education, skills, and why you are a good fit for the job. Now, create an order in which you would include these details. For example: Name → Job Role → Professional Achievement or Experience → Skillset

Make sure you have practiced the whole speech segment at least once before actually recording. It helps you speak clearly and instates confidence. GoClip profile videos are limited to 45 seconds, so make sure your video is concise and to the point and highlight your most relevant details a potential employer would look for.

Tip: Prioritize your achievements or distinction in the field to be included in your short video resume.

2. Choose a location 📍

Choose a location with a neutral, uncluttered background. Avoid filming in front of a window or in a location with a lot happening in the background. A plain wall or a simple bookshelf can work well as a background. If you're filming indoors, try to find a room with natural light or set up a lamp or lightbox to illuminate your face. Too much dark or too much lit frame shall be avoided.

The location should be professional and appropriate for a video resume. The right location makes you feel comfortable and where you know you won't be interrupted or disturbed while recording your video. The overall environment should be quiet with no background noises, you can also use a noise-canceling microphone to help eliminate background noise. 

Tip: Filming in a location that is too casual or that is not representative of your professional self should be avoided.

3. Dress Properly 👔

It is important to dress professionally and present yourself in a way that is appropriate for the job you're applying for. You should tailor your outfit to the role you're applying for. If you're applying for a job in a more formal environment, wear a suit and tie. If you're applying for a job in a more casual or creative environment, you can be more relaxed with your outfit. Though a general suggestion would be to wear something that is clean, ironed and not anything too casual or revealing.

Certain colors look better on camera than others. Avoid wearing white or light-colored clothes as they can wash out your skin tone. Choose colors that complement your skin tone. Also, busy patterns can be distracting on camera. Choose solid colors or simple patterns. Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum.

Tip: Make sure that your hair and makeup are neat and well-groomed.

4. Set a focus point 👁️

While making a video resume, fix a specific point to look at while speaking on the video. Usually, this focus point is your phone camera itself. Maintaining eye contact with the camera creates a sense of connection with the viewer and makes you appear more confident and engaged.

Never hold your phone in your hand while making your video. This can make your video look shaky & unprofessional. Place a book or something behind the phone to keep it steady while making a video. Also, ensure that the focus is clearly on your face & the video isn’t focusing on any other entity in the frame than your face.

Avoid looking down at the floor or your hands. This can make you appear unsure or unengaged. Use your body language to communicate and make eye contact with the camera, try to keep your head and shoulders facing the camera for the best results.

Tip: Be natural and try to look as if you were having a conversation with someone.

5. Speech and Posture 👩🏻‍💼

Before you start filming, take a deep breath and relax. This will help calm your nerves. Speak clearly and confidently, and avoid using filler words or phrases. Speak at a moderate pace and enunciate your words. This will help ensure that your message is understood and that you come across as professional and competent. Use gestures and facial expressions to help convey your message & make your video more engaging.

Use a natural tone of voice, avoid sounding too monotone or robotic, it can make you come across as unenthusiastic or disinterested. Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Always remember that a video resume is an opportunity to showcase your qualifications and personality to potential employers.

Tip: Smiling can help to make you appear more approachable, friendly and confident on camera.

⚠️ Dos and Don'ts of creating a video resume on GoClip

All short-video resumes on the platform are published after the approval from moderators. Here are some things you need to consider for successful approval.

✅ Use of background music from GoClip's library is completly allowed.
✅ GoClip encourages creativity and wide range for unique video resumes.

🚫 Uploading videos of other people or any copyrighted content from internet is strictly prohibited.
🚫 Use of songs with high audio in background is not accepted. With exception for dance related creatives under strict conditions.
🚫 Videos with people other than the user in context is not allowed. Exception being for specially abled people who need coordination.
🚫 Misinformation, use of slang or any abrasive behavior is not tolerated. 

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